About Whitley Insurance Solutions

Meet Lisa Whitley

I work with multiple insurance carriers to find my clients the best coverage. With a free quote, my clients have options from a selection of carriers to help protect what's important to them.

Whitley Insurance Solutions is a woman-owned insurance business started by Lisa Whitley in 2017.

As an independent insurance broker, I am able to offer all the top carriers, not just one.  I work with both individuals, families and businesses. I enjoy finding out about their lives and how they run their businesses.  I find out what is important to them so I know how to insure it.

Everything from an email or phone call to my website and logo has been designed to give peace of mind to my clients. The Celtic Tree of Life in my logo symbolizes harmony and balance.  This is what I strive to provide my clients by simplifying the insurance process and giving them peace of mind that they are protected.

Have you ever gotten surprised by not knowing an important detail of a contract?

That was me several years ago when I was renting a room in college.  Someone broke in and stole my laptop and nice road bike as well as some sentimental jewelry.  I was stunned. I called the police and did what I thought might help get my valuables back. The homeowner filed a claim with her insurance which also gave me hope.  Then the owner relayed that the insurance company said none of my belongings would be covered! What?! Tenants belongings are not covered by a homeowner policy. If I’d just had a renter policy, which I later found out was inexpensive, my property would’ve been covered.  What a life lesson that was for me.

That was one of many experiences that made it clear to me that there is a great need to help people understand insurance without them having to read every word of a contract.

My personal experience with insurance

Recently, my mom needed to understand her Medicare options.  Seems simple, right? I already had my health and life license.  Oh no, it was not simple at all. I felt frustrated because I wanted to help her.  I realized how many people were overwhelmed by Medicare and all the options. I knew this was what I wanted to add to my services next.  I became certified in 2019 and love working with seniors!

I come from a background in investments, working with fixed income securities and mutual funds for over 8 years.  I’ve also had 15 years of customer service, sales and management. I transitioned to insurance in 2014, obtaining licenses in Property and Casualty as well as Life and Health. 

My background in customer service makes it natural for me to want to help others.  The experience with investments makes it easy for me to understand the various types of insurance to determine what is right for my client relative to their needs.

Why work with an independent insurance broker?

With national insurance agencies, you only get to choose from one company that sells one brand of insurance. With an independent insurance agent like Whitley Insurance Solutions, you get choices between carriers customized for your personal needs.

Whitley Insurance Solutions represents a number of different insurance companies, and can compare coverage and prices to find the best possible value for your individual circumstances. We work for you, not the insurance carriers. That means we can help you find the best value on auto insurance, home insurance and business insurance.

What Clients Say

“Lisa helped me with an urgent auto insurance policy for a new vehicle and was able to turn around a quote very quickly, while saving me money! She also helped with my renter’s insurance policy, and gave me a quote for business insurance. Lisa at Whitley Insurance is so knowledgeable and puts her clients’ best interests first. I never felt pressured into a policy, and I trust Lisa to recommend options that make sense for my personal financial circumstances.”


“I needed some help with my Mercury Insurance right away I had some issues and I needed to change it. Lisa could easily connect with Mercury when I needed help, and I was able go talk to her about my situation in person. (P.S. she is also able to do other Insurances if you need help too!) She was very helpful, there was no line (like the DMV) or anything, and she was very understanding and was able to help me with my situation. Now after everything we went through my insurance is back on my automatic payments and all good! Since then, I have kept in contact with her and she has continued to have excellent service,  constant understanding, and does whatever she can do to help! Thank You Lisa for all your help! You rock. You saved me more than a couple times!”

You could be saving money on your insurance policies.